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Specialty Green Coffee Importers

Since February 2012 Mountain Coffee Ltd. has been importing specialty green coffee and providing Canadian Roasters a large selection of green coffee sourced from the finest growing regions around the world. We import conventional and certified grown coffees to meet the demand of today’s social conscience consumers.

Your Success in the Cup

A stickler for quality and having a passion for coffee, Mountain Coffee founder and owner, Lionel Robitaille spent over three decades working in the coffee business. In the early days he serviced coffee equipment. Later he sold – selling packaged roast and ground coffee to restaurants. His love of the brew eventually led him to start up a food service coffee business, which led to sourcing, and finally he’s become a green coffee merchant. His ultimate goal has been to help roasters sell their perfect cup.

Sourcing Globally and Serving Locally

Today, Mountain Coffee Ltd. sources, imports and stocks a wide range of green coffee from around the world. Mountain Coffee ships to Roasters all over Canada each business day from their Certified Organic, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance warehouse located in Delta, British Columbia. Roasters are provided quick order fulfilment, no charge samples, sourcing services, regional sales support, and use of their sample roaster and fully equipped Cupping Lab.

Growing for Tomorrow

Our goal is simple. Mountain Coffee knows the future is in education. As specialty coffee consumption increases in Canada the need for education in this exciting field continues to grow. Creating the Cupping Lab was our first step in becoming a centre for roasters to learn about various coffees. Growing for tomorrow means offering training classes to educate and support new and upcoming roasting professionals. It’s the future we share with you today.

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Lionel Robitaille

Lionel Robitaille

Founder & Green Coffee Trader
Sales: 1-800-800-9538
Sales BC: 604-940-4401

Lionel is the founder and chief green coffee purveyor for Mountain Coffee Ltd. His coffee career dates from the late 1970’s where he started as a Service Technician repairing coffee brewing equipment and quickly moved into the sales of roast and ground coffee. In the early 1990’s Lionel had the privilege of being offered a partnership position with a large local distributor where he launched a new private label beverage programme which soared into double-digit growth in one year.

His interest in coffee eventually led him to start his own green coffee importing firm allowing him to do what he loves, which is helping other coffee business owners succeed. He is a coffee enthusiast with an appreciation for all that goes into brewing a truly good cup. He enjoys his family, friends, travelling and the occasional golf game and of course, conversation over a cup of coffee.

Mengo McCall

Partner & General Manager
Sales:    1-800-800-9538
Sales BC: 604-940-4401
LinkedIn: Mengo

Mengo is fascinated by coffee.  He’s always on the lookout for a superb coffee experience.  It’s the familiar nectar that unifies us.  He wants to explore and share the many nuances of the brilliant bean.

Born in Uganda, Mengo is a Canadian with a global outlook, having spent a few years along the way living in far-flung countries of the world.  Coffee unites his interests in people, cultures, farming, economic development and sustainability.  Mengo brings both entrepreneurial and management experience to green bean trading.

Grant Gamble
Coffee & Marketing Specialist
Eastern Sales Manager

Sales: 1-800-800-9538
Sales BC: 604-940-4401

Grant started his journey in coffee when he was just fifteen years old.

It wasn’t only the culture behind cafes that he was drawn to, or the delicate nuances between each individual bean, or even the amount of craft and skill needed to serve the perfect cup. Each and every coffee has a unique story to tell, and that story can be traced through flavour. Grant became obsessed with sharing these stories with as many people as possible to influence their views on a drink which has more tasting elements than wine, yet is widely considered a commodity product.

Originally from Vancouver, Grant moved to Toronto to study advertising and fell deeper into the coffee scene on the East Coast. He has worked in the industry with companies ranging from a corporate level, to assisting with the expansion of one of the most reputable independent companies in Toronto from day one. On his journey, developing a palate for whiskey, wine, beer, and cocktails has helped shed a wider light on his true passion - coffee.

Now as Mountain Coffee expands to Eastern Canada, the adventure continues.