Colombia Cien Anos Chiroso Washed

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COUNTRY: Colombia
FARMER(S): Jose Uribe Lasso
FARM: Finca El Diviso
EXPORTER: Campesino Coffee Company
VARIETALS: Caturra Chiroso
DRYING: Sun dried on covered patios
BAG TYPE: Grainpro in jute
BAG SIZE: 60kg


CUPPING NOTES: Coconut, turmeric, nutmeg, sweet & spicy


Process: The coffee cherries are fermented 48 hours anaerobic ingrain pro bags, then dupulped and fermented for an additional 36 hours aerobic in tanks. The coffee is sun-dried in covered patios. Jose was born in the Nariño(in the west of the country, bordering Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean). Heme this wife Martha when he was very young and then they decided to move to the Huila for a better future.

Jose and Martha have two children who help in the processing and are motivated to keep their family tradition alive and becoming a high-quality coffee production team. Nestor, the oldest son, is a Qgrader and is dedicated to harvesting exotic varieties and different processes. Look out for more beautiful coffees to come from Finca El Diviso.