Colombia Don Edgar Carbonic Maceration

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COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Jerico, Antioquia
PRODUCER: Edgar Correa
EXPORTER: Campesino Coffee Company
FARM: Los Abuelos
PROCESS: Carbonic Maceration
DRYING METHOD: Patio / Raised beds
BAG SIZE: 70kg

CUPPING NOTES: Sweet raspberries and purple fruit, wine-like pinot noir, dark chocolate clean and lingering bright finish.



This Carbonic Maceration process begins with a 5 day anaerobic fermentation process of hand selected ripe cherries, creating a carbon-dioxide rich environment. After day 5 the cherries are depulped and returned to the same air-tight bucket and with the natural juices left behind from the first 5 day fermentation. At this point, the second round of fermentation begins for two additional days. Once the two days are complete, the beans are taken to the raised beds to sun-dry for roughly 12-14 days.


Don Edgar has been one of our pioneers in processing. He is the father of Danyila and Adriana, Campesino's warehouse manager and warehouse assistant. Campesino first began experimenting with Edgars coffees processing naturals and red honeys. We decided to take it a bit further and attempt with a more rustic approach to a carbonic maceration process. The result was a fruit bomb!