Colombia Don Jairo El Castellon Quindio Gesha Natural

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COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Armenia, Quindio

FARM: El Castellon
PROCESS: Natural
DRYING: Sun dried
BAG TYPE: Grainpro in jute
BAG SIZE: 60kg


CUPPING NOTES: Violet, grapefruit, delicate fruits, creamy and sweet

Regional + Producer information
Don Jairo is a 63 year old engineer who worked as a dry-mill manager for 30 years for a large Colombian exporter. Don Jairo comes from a long line of coffee farmers in his family, but really got into the business 35 years ago when his father got very sick and he was forced to take over the day-to-day tasks. After several years managing his fathers farm, he was able to save up and buy a farm of his own. Due to the record low market price of coffee, Don Jairo began experimenting with more exotic varietals, such as Gesha and Pink Bourbon, in an attempt to produce coffees that could provide more income.