Colombia Doña Dolly Jericó

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COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Jerico, Antioquia
PRODUCER: Dolly Hernandez Acevedo
EXPORTER: Campesino Coffee Company
FARM: Finca La Fortuna
ALTITUDE: 1950 m.a.s.l.
VARIETALS: Castillo and Dos Mil
DRYING METHOD: Sun dried in raised beds
BAG SIZE: 70kg

CUPPING NOTES: Purple fruit & raisins sweetness, a touch of herbal-like eucalyptus notes. Bright, consistent & clean.



Finca La Fortuna is located in the neighborhood of VALLECITOS in the town of Jerico, Antioquia. Dolly has been living on the farm for over 40 years and raised 5 children on the farm, none of which have continued the coffee farmer tradition. Doña Dolly handles most of the farm processing on her own with the help of two women workers that help with the picking. The farm has over 7,000 coffee trees in additionto citrus trees and a few cows.