Colombia Wilkim Finca Los Girasoles Typica Honey

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COUNTRY: Colombia
FARMER(S): Wilkim Medina
FARM: Santo Antonio, Tolima
EXPORTER: Campesino Coffee Company
DRYING: Sun dried on covered patios
BAG TYPE: Grainpro in jute
BAG SIZE: 60kg


CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate, strawberry, cotton candy



Coffee cherries are picked, floaters taken out, hand-selected then fermented as anaerobic fermentation for 36 hours then an additional 12hours depulped. A total of 48 hours fermentation. The coffee is sun-dried for 15-20 days. Wilkim is a young producer who comes from a long line of coffee producers. Him and his 5 brothers and sisters grew up helping his parent son the farm, producing mostly commodity quality coffee. As Wilkim got older he became interested in Specialty Coffee and began to experiment with the coffee from his parents farm, producing honeys and naturals. Now, married and with a child of his own and his own farm, he is producing fantastic honeys, naturals, and washed versions of they Typica varietal the grew up producing on his parents farm. After having lots of skills, he returned to Los Girasoles and processed a special lot of washed coffee with the help of his family. In 2010 they sent the coffee to the Cup of Excellence and made it to the finals, taking first place in the Tolima department and third place in Colombia