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COUNTRY:  Honduras
PRODUCER: Carlos Deras
FARM: Pashapa "El Coñal"
PROCESS: Washed, shade grown
VARIETALS: Parainema
ALTITUDE: 1508 masl

CUPPING NOTES: Green apple, dark chocolate, citrus acidity, brown sugar.



Located in Ocotepeque, Honduras, Cocafelol is a cooperative with over 300 members. They place great important on coffee quality, as well as help leaders compete in the globalized market, in turn working towards achieving self-sustainability of participating farmers and families. This cooperative is strict with their organic techniques and takes into consideration climate variability and effects on the environment.



Don Carlos Deras, in his youth dedicated himself to studying for a bachelor's degree in Social Promotion in the city of Santa Rosa de Copán in 1982. On that same year he inherited his farm, now known as “El Conal”, which is located in a remote area called El Ermitaño, Pashapa, La Labor, Ocotepeque, this property was obtained thanks to a donation from his father Florentino Deras, which was an area used for livestock and farming of corn.

The first variety that Don Carlos planted was Bourbon and Typical. After the coffee picking he would carry his harvest in a mule to his parents house where he proceeded with the depulping process with a manual pulping machine. Then he'd carry out the coffee to a drying in a patio with his parents help. On his first year he managed to harvest 30qq (3,000 kg)of coffee. 

Producer Don Carlos named his farm "El Conal", which derives from the word cono meaning cone. This is because of the abundance of pine cones trees that surrounds the area.