Honduras Delmy Regalado La Fortuna ORG

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COUNTRY:  Honduras
PRODUCER: Delmy Regalado
FARM: La Fortuna
REGION: Pashapa, La Labor. Ocotepeque
PROCESS: Washed, shade grown
VARIETALS: Typica & Pacas
ALTITUDE: 1,520 masl
BAG SIZE: 69kg


Cupping Notes: Grape, dark chocolate, orange, molasses, balanced.



Located in Ocotepeque, Honduras, Cocafelol is a cooperative with over 300 members. They place great important on coffee quality, as well as help leaders compete in the globalized market, in turn working towards achieving self-sustainability of participating farmers and families. This cooperative is strict with their organic techniques and takes into consideration climate variability and effects on the environment.

Delmy Regalado tells stories of cultivating small plots of sugarcane with her father. The community around them was very small, and this plot was one of the first places where coffee was planted in Ocotepeque. These plots of cane were slowly replaced with coffee plants, and now continues to produce coffee with her family. Delmy has been involved in coffee marketing for over 15 years, and continues to work with producers and buyers. Delmy is part of Women in Coffee Alliance, and aims to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve sustainability in their lives and families, it's our third year buying Delmy's coffee and we are very happy to maintain this relationship.



All the coffee is collected separately by variety. The washed cherries are depulped immediately before their 12 hours of fermentation. Then, they are slowly dried in African beds until they acheive humidity percentage between 10.5% and 11.5%. This process lasts approximately 22 days at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees, depending on the weather.
Rigorous care is maintained, the coffees are constantly raked to prevent the coffee from being damaged and for a uniform drying. Quality control team is constantly monitoring it to check the humidity, once it reaches the required level, it is tasted to know the final result. After getting the cupping report, the dried parchment is packed in grain pro bags to maintain its quality and then packaged for export.