About Us

Founded in 2012, Mountain Coffee began its journey with one main goal in mind: to source coffees direct from producers at origin in order to serve the specialty roasters' industry across the Canadian landscape.

We believe that in sourcing some of the worlds finest coffees we can deliver positive results at all levels with the main event being at the producer level. Harvesting a single pound is hard labour which, in most producing countries, happens only once a year. Earning a living as a coffee farmer is no easy task, and Mountain Coffee is committed to fair compensation to producers and all those involved in the supply chain.

Sourcing Globally and Serving Locally

Today, we source, import, and stock a wide range of green coffee from around the world. Mountain Coffee ships to roasters across Canada from our Organic-, Fair Trade-, and Rainforest Alliance-certified warehouse in Delta, British Columbia. We also stock coffee at two other warehouses, one other warehouse in Delta BC, and the other in Mississauga ON.  Roasters are provided with quick order fulfillment, no charge samples, sourcing services, forward booking, regional sales support, leads, business plans, and C Market updates. A fully equipped cupping lab in Delta is another highlight of our company that accommodates our customers' special requests, which also includes the use of our sample roaster.

Beanstock Coffee Festival

Beyond coffee trading, we identified the need to connect the microroasting industry to the general public and launched its new marketing initiative: Beanstock Coffee Festival. The philosophy behind Beanstock was not only to highlight and help promote the level of quality the craft roasters were serving to its customers, but to open new doors and help connect them to other businesses and new markets. 

Growing for Tomorrow

Our goal is simple. Mountain Coffee knows the future is in education and information. As specialty coffee consumption increases in Canada, the need for education in this exciting field continues to grow. Creating the cupping lab was our first step in becoming a centre for roasters to experience, explore and learn about various coffees from various origins. Growing for tomorrow means offering classes to educate and support new and upcoming roasting professionals, as well as providing accurate and honest information about coffee sourcing, quality control, and roasting. It’s the future we share with the coffee community and you today. Contact us to learn how we can serve you.