Colombia Jericó Madre Laura

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Available at Delta (BC) & Mississauga (ON)

COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Jerico, Antioquia
VARIETALS: Dos Mil, Caturra, Castillo
DRYING METHOD: Patio / Raised beds
SIZE: 25LB Boxes

CUPPING NOTES: Caramel, orange, honey. Medium acidity, clean & silky body.

Campesino’s main warehouse is located in Jerico, Antioquia.  Jerico is a small and very Catholic town, home to Colombia’s only canonized saint, Madre Laura (Mother Laura). 

The town maintains a rich coffee culture, but has limited access to resources.  Campesino set-up shop in Jerico in 2016, providing a new option to the farmers to sell their coffee at a much higher price, in addition to forming a personal relationship with us, frequent farm visits, cupping analysis, and micro-loans for infrastructure projects.

This blend is made up of 20+ farms and growing, each lot cupped regularly to find the perfect balanced cup that best represents the town of Jerico and it’s distinct profile.  Campesino expect to grow this blend, bringing on new farmers that share the same motivation in producing great coffees.