Colombia Wush Wush Green Natural

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COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Rioblanco, Tolima
PRODUCER: Familia Gutierrez
FARM: Finca Monteverde
PROCESS: Green Natural
ALTITUDE: 1800 -2000 m.a.s.l.
VARIETALS: Wush-wush
DRYING METHOD: Sun dried in raised beds
BAG SIZE: 70kg

CUPPING NOTES: Mango, caramel, savoury, dark tropical notes, lactic creaminess.



80 hours fermentation with high temperature control by cold water showers when the it rises 35° C. Cherries are mixed twice a day to homogenize and give fresh oxygen.



The farm was given to Gildardo and his wife Miralba as an inheritance by his father, Oscar Gutiérrez 40 years ago. They have lived all their lives in it and have always grown coffee. Gildardo and Miralba have three coffee tasters, who encouraged him to plant exotic varieties eight years ago. The children are the fifth generation of coffee producers, the eldest (Johan) lives in Herrera and helps his father with the daily tasks of the farm (coffee processes, supervision in collection, administration in general) the other is (Newerley) which is Q Grader and Q Processing is the sales manager, and the youngest daughter (Katerinne) is also Q Grader and sales support.

The coffee gatherers who help on the farm are the Indians who live 2 km away in a shelter called "Nasa Wex" and some distant relatives who live in neighbouring farms. Based on the experience acquired by the children during their work in other companies; At present, different steps are being taken to improve the quality of the farm, and it consists of collecting the best coffee beans, those that are at their optimum maturity; Then, the controlled fermentation process that developed which prints fruit and unique spices characteristics for coffee, this technique of fermentation of cherries was learned by the Yemeni coffee growers, who do it perfectly from ancestral times and on the farm is made as well; sun drying processes are taken taking into account that there are good air flows to keep temperatures low during this process.