Costa Rica Caribe Anaerobic Natural

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COUNTRY: Costa Rica
REGION: Turrialba
VARIETAL(S): Catigua & Catuai
ALTITUDE: 1400 Masl
PROCESS: Anaerobi Natural
BAG TYPE: Grainpro in jute
BAG SIZE: 66LB (30kg)


CUPPING NOTES: molasses & plum aroma, grape, caramel, cacao, jam, round body and creamy finish.



The Anaerobic process begins with floating the cherries for sorting and washing them in fresh water. The cherries are then placed whole in a stainless steel tank with a one-way air valve. Mossto, the juice left over after fermentation, is added to the tank for fermentation. This mossto is from previous batches of coffee processing and contains additional yeast and bacteria which kick-start the fermentation of this batch. The mossto is recycled after each batch, carrying over microorganisms into new batches and creating additional complexity.

The barrel then is opened and the cherries sun-dry for 10 days as natural or washed.



The largest coffee farm in Costa Rica, Aquiares devotes 80% of its land to growing high quality coffee and the remaining 20% to conservation. Coffee plots are interlaced with over a dozen natural springs and almost 20 kilometers in streams, all protected with buffer zones in line with our Rainforest Alliance certification. These streams form a network of natural corridors through the farm that connect the large protected forests in the two river valleys, providing a healthy environment for the local animals, birds, and plants.

All the coffee is grown at a high altitude: from 820 to 1,400 meters (2,700 to 4,600 feet) above sea level. The terrain allows for varieties like Caturra to flourish in the rich volcanic soil, cool night temperature and high humidity.