El Salvador Maria Pacas El Retiro Bernardina Natural

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COUNTRY: El Salvador
FARM: El Retiro
RODUCER: Pacas Family
REGION: Santa Ana
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1412 masl
VARIETALS: Bernadina
CERTIFICATION: Women in Coffee, Rainforest Alliance
BAG SIZE: 69kg 

CUPPING NOTES: Yellow peach sweetness, elegant citrus tea ,complex. 


Bernardina is a varietal that was discovered by the Pacas family in El Salvador when they purchased the farm Finca Los Bellotos in 2012. Since the farm was mainly a Bourbon and Pacas plantation, there were a few trees that stood out from the bunch. The cherries from these particular trees also tasted sweeter than the rest. After some debate on their origin, the beans were sent for DNA testing in a lab in Italy. The test results determined it to be an unclassified variety but had 70% similarities to a Gesha and to varieties from the Agaro region in Ethiopia! The Pacas family had the honor of naming this variety “Bernardina”.