El Salvador Los Naranjos Finca Noruega Red Bourbon Natural

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COUNTRY: El Salvador
PRODUCER: Los Naranjos Café
FARM: Noruega
REGION: Apaneca-Ilamatepec
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1400 to 1750 masl
VARIETALS: Red Bourbon
BAG SIZE: 69kg

CUPPING NOTES: Deep fruity guava. Pear & rose tea flavour. Fruit-forward acidity. Sweet & long aftertaste.

Regional + Producer Information

Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range is considered it as The Gold Belt of Coffee from El Salvador. It’s the most coffee productive region, it’s the high altitudes, amazing climates and soils rich in organic and volcano materials made it the ideal place to grow coffee. This region’s also a tourist attraction where people drive through its mountains and appreciate the beautiful landscapes.

Los Naranjos Café is a family business of three wise former high school friends that turns into as a company a few years ago. For them coffee is the best way to protect the environment and the future of the planet, also they decided to invest in this industry to be an example to tackle the lack of investment in agriculture, they considered this is the only way out to help the most vulnerable people of the rural areas, where it's easy to find extreme poverty, child malnutrition, and emigration problems.

Nowadays, Los Naranjos Café owns: Finca Noruega, Finca Los Angeles, Finca Ethiopia and Finca Los Naranjos, with altitudes from the 1300 masl to the 2046 masl, growing diversity of varieties such as Red and Orange Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara, Kenya and Geisha, among others, using different processing methods like Naturals, Honeys, Washed, Fermentations and then dried on drying beds.