El Salvador San Antonio Amatepec Yellow Icatu

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San Antonio Amatepec Yellow Icatu Natural

COUNTRY:  El Salvador
PRODUCERS: Carlos Boza & Boza Sisters
FARM: Finca San Antonio Amatepec
REGION: We’re located in San Salvador, within the Bálsamo Quezaltepec coffee region
VARIETALS: Yellow Icatú
ALTITUDE: 1,200 masl
PROCESS: Natural
SCREEN SIZE: Above screen 14
CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance, Women in Coffee
BAG SIZE: 69kg


CUPPING NOTES: Honey and grapes. Sweet. Medium body.



Finca San Antonio Amatepec has been operating since 1970 in El Salvador. Since this date, they’ve focused primarily on specialty coffee production through sustainable methods. They’ve also continued to focus on our commitment to the care of the environment and the development of the local community. For the third time, we’ve been certified by Rainforest Alliance and hold a rating of 95.75% on average.