Ethiopia Sidama Bensa Logita G1 Anaerobic Fermentation

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COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Sheka, Bensa, Sidama
PROCESS: Anaerobic fermentation
DRYING METHOD: 60hr SS tanks, dried on elevated African beds
ALTITUDE: 2100 – 2300 masl 
VARIETALS: Heirloom 
BAG SIZE: 60kg
CUPPING NOTESChampagne, strawberries with cream, licorice, tropical fruit, complex.


Bensa is a District in the Higher Altitude Sidamo region, where we have a newly founded Washing station located at 2100 metres. We collect our coffee from farmers btw 2100-2300 metres and from different small villages. Sheka and Bensa Special Fermentation, are anaerobic processes, where coffee after being cleaned and selected, sits in Stainless steal tanks for 60 hours and is then dried in elevated African beds. This process produces strong fruity and winey tastes. This Washing station was purchased in 2017, preparing for a new era in the story of Moplaco. Bensa is in the highlands of Sidamo, giving rise to a coffee that tastes of bergamot and spice. Our place is at 2100 meters, facing Kokose, and watered by Logita River. One hectare of land that belongs to us, will allow us to cultivate a Special Sidamo Selection.