Guatemala Carmona Estate Antigua Geisha SHB EP

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COUNTRY: Guatemala
FARM: Carmona
REGION: San Juan del Obispo, Antigua
ALTITUDE: 1500 MASL to 1,750 MASL


CUPPING NOTES: Lemon, orange, floral, mint and passion fruit. Yellow fruit acidity. Delicate body. Sweet, floral aftertaste. 

Regional + Producer Information

Hacienda Carmona, is located in San Juan del Obispo, Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, at 1,500 to 1750 masl, managed by Maria Zelaya. She has managed since 1959, representing the third generation in coffee. 

History goes back to the 16th century, when Don Juan de Carmona came to Guatemala with the Spanish conqueror Don Pedro de Alvarado and start cultivating a variety of agricultural products. Since the latest 1800’s the farm was acquired by the Zelaya family.  Genuine Antigua “Café Pulcal” is planted in Hacienda Carmona. The coffee plantation, in order to maintain the high quality, continues to be planted with varieties Bourbon and Arabica Typica. This plantation is located in a unique microclimate which enhances the productivity of the coffee plants.

Café Pulcal is processed and washed in the most traditional manner, using spring water of the surrounding mountains.  The brand Pulcal comes from one of the oldest plots at the farm, were Maguey (Agave) was planted for producing Pulque, a traditional Mexican alcoholic drink.  This was at the time when Mexican Tlaxcalans indians were brought by the Spanish conquerors at the time when Don Juan de Carmona was on control of the land.