Guatemala San Jose Estate Yellow Bourbon M/L

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Guatemala San Jose Chimaltenango Yellow Bourbon 
COUNTRY: Guatemala 
REGION: Acatenango 
SUB REGION: Chimaltenango 
PRODUCER: Carlos Jeréz 
FARM: Finca San Jose 
PROCESS: Washed 
ALTITUDE: 1300 – 1800 masl 
VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon 
GRAIN PRO: Vacuum sealed in ecotact
BAG SIZE: 15kg
CUPPING NOTESApricot, milk chocolate, caramel

San Jose Estate is located in Chimaltenango, Acatenango, in a well-known part of the valley called El Socorro. Originally inspired by Catholicism, this area was named “a place of help.” Carlos Jeréz founded this farm in 2014 and has since been renewing approximately 70% of the planted area. Having grown different microlots and varietals, they are committed to product better quality coffee every year to make their farm sustainable.