Honduras Roberto Salazar Finca Pashapa El Lechero ORG

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Roberto Salazar Finca Pashapa EL Lechero ORG

COUNTRY:  Honduras
REGION: Zona Amortiguamiento Guisayote, La Labor, Ocotopeque
FARM: "El Lechero"
ALTITUDE: 1200-1500
VARIETALS: Pacas, Catuai
CERTIFICATION: Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest, Alliance
BAG SIZE: 69kg


CUPPING NOTES: Floral, pear and guava fragrance. Nice sweet aroma. Honey flavour. Soft body, balanced citric acidity. 



Located in Ocotepeque, Honduras, Cocafelol is a cooperative with over 300 members. They place great important on coffee quality, as well as help leaders compete in the globalized market, in turn working towards achieving self-sustainability of participating farmers and families. This cooperative is strict with their organic techniques and takes into consideration climate variability and effects on the environment.

Finca Pashapa/Lote El Lechero is located in the buffer zone of the national park of Guisayote in La Labor Ocotepeque, Honduras. Its name comes from a traditional language from the culture Chorti that means “Tortilla con Dulce”. Finca Pashapa is a family farm planted by Roberto’s father Jorge Alberto Salazar, and has become a family tradition. As a third generation farmer, Roberto and his family focus on high quality coffee production and work to maintain flora and fauna diversity.