Sumatra Gayo KSU Arinagata TP G1 FTO

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COUNTRY: Indonesia
REGION: Sumatra
SUB REGION: Aceh Tengah
COOPERATIVE: Arinagata Cooperative
ALTITUDE: 1200 – 1800 masl
PROCESS: Wet Hulled
BAG SIZE: 60k 
CUPPING NOTE: Medium acidity, omplex with notes of orange, leather, and caramel.


KSU produces Arabica Coffee which is double sorted Sumatra Mandheling grade 1. 


KSU Arinagata evolved from an existing coffee trading and exporting company. The company had originally worked with farmers from seven villages in the Aceh province, and these farmers officially joined as a cooperative in 2007. The cooperative is placed at an altitude of 600 – 1,200 m.

Finding a good market channel for their coffee has been the biggest challenge for these farmers. During the armed conflict between Sumatran separatists and the Indonesian army, many were forced to flee the area. Only recently have they began returning, some women as widows, and with very little income. Many families live in poor conditions. They are traditional farmers, mostly of Gayonese origin.

Most members of the cooperative produce on a small area of land, which provides 80 to 90% of household income. Farmers may also sell vegetables, fruit, soya bean, spices and fish in local markets. Fruit trees are intercropped with their 100% organic coffee, and this adds to the typical Sumatran coffee profile.