Tanzania Peaberry Nitin Estate

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PRODUCER: Nitin Estate
PROCESSWashed, sun-dried
ALTITUDE: 1,600 masl

SIZE: 60kg

CUPPING NOTES: Floral notes, grapefruit, bright acidity with cocoa notes. Balanced with sweetness.

Nitin Estate is owned by the Suhdir  family and is located in the Ngorongoro Area, about 120 miles from Arusha town. The farm borders on the game reserve and elephants are a frequent guest. The specialty coffees come from the newer planting blocks that were planted five years ago.

The Coffee is harvested between July and November. Only red ripe cherry is picked by hand. Cherry is pulped the same day it is picked. The coffee is left in fermentation tanks for about 36 hours. Washing of parchment is done to separate light parchment from heavy parchment and at the same time receive mucilage from the parchment. Washed parchment is sun dried on African beds before delivery to dry mill.